The wonders of being me~
Friday, May 07, 2004
well i forgot that i have a blog lol.. anyway today i had a fun day, i went to see my client and come to know it i feel like i have known her for so long lol, we juz hit it off yakking having lunch an dbest part only talk 5 minutes of business hahaha.. well guess that is one of the happenings to me today

later am going to my cousin's place to spend the nite.. wonder if the @bunny@ will b suprise i cut my hair so short hehe... could expect sleepless night again sigh been a while since i last drop by :P

so nice so good chao¬
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
hoorah. first blog introduced by my cutie dearie "sis". well first day back 2 work after a 4 day break, fun fun, lots of work lots of stress and o yea i got shifted bah.. new office space and office mate 2. not used to it yet .. quiet...but alittle bit 2 quiet for that matter.. then again i get a window and a view of the outsideworld :P err better b headin back 2 work lol..


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